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Skiing Bulgaria: Vitosha v Borovets v Bansko

Skiing is becoming more and more expensive, yet lifts are still overcrowded. Finding affordable skiing means sacrificing either quality or quantity. Traveling out of the country leads to the same, except in this one place. In Eastern Europe, there’s a country known only for its capital but ignored for its real worth. Miles of slopes, lifts with no wait, and quality that’ll make you think - “where is everyone”? This is precisely what I asked myself when skiing in Bulgaria.

Flying into Bulgaria isn’t always cheap, but you’re met by the first mountain upon arriving in Sofia. Vitosha is the local’s playground and a primer for what is to come. Accessible from a gondola that picks you up from the city. It costs $XX for a full day pass (gondola included). Split between a warm-up section and an adrenaline-filled slope, you’ll realize the countryside is going to be mind-blowing if this is what’s available from the city.

An hour ride from Sofia is Borovets, famous amongst Brits. This resort is made up of three sections. An upper circle of short expert runs shows off the mountains’ beauty. The following section is chalked full of lines that’ll scratch that itch. You can ride the whole length on a bluebird after a snowstorm and see perhaps one other person. It’s not all adventure, though. In the third section, you’ll discover where everyone’s at. The west-facing slopes cater to resort tourists. Whether it’s a party down the mountain or at the end of it - it’s wild.

Farthest out from Sofia is Bansko. There are no sacrifices here. Famous amongst digital nomads there is plenty of quantity, quality. The slopes cater to intermediates and experts in a ribbon of runs. ....

Paying out the nose for one run isn’t fun. But, for the price of one season pass, you can catch a flight to live like a king and ski to your heart’s content. Bulgaria is where you’ll come to understand the phrase “go where they want you.” So, stay at one mountain or hit up all three. You’ll find everywhere takes care of your needs.


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