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Cafes & Laptops

Panjim, Goa is where this picture was taken. It’s the city part of Goa international foreigners avoid. With it having stable power and better internet it’s where I decided to base. The Airbnb costs ~$350 for a private guesthouse in a 4 building compound. You’ll find better price to quality in other parts of the world, but if you’re in Goa you’re here for other things. I was expecting dreadlocked hippies everywhere, but that’s not the case. Goa is turning into a Quintana Roo or Bali for Indian remote workers. Everyone I’ve met has been exceptionally kind. For example I was invited to a BBQ pool party the other day as it was one of the few days with sun. Every other day has been overcast with thunderstorms on the forecast. When it rains delivery is the go to and it’s super cheap. Food for two, delivery fees, and tip costs no more than $4.

Today I found this cafe and it charges For the amount of time you stay to use your laptop. I’ve also seen cafes with stickers on the door stating “No Laptops”. I know these seem simple, but with the amount of grief we receive these easy solutions may have been difficult to believe. When your favorite cafe is full of remote workers encourage the owner to do the same.

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