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Zadar for Digital Nomads

1 Month ($1,120) - Zadar, Croatia

Storage closet. In comparison to Split, Dubrovnik, or Zagreb that’s what Zadar is on a country wide scale. For some that means it’s a hidden gem, for others that means it’s too quiet. You may have heard of the digital nomad village here, but I’m sad to say it no longer exists. This was disappointing, but as one door closes another opens.

The only season you’ll want to visit is summer. Winter is far too quiet making Split the better option. As is common of these coastal towns in summer, accommodation is way overpriced. The most affordable one bed Airbnb will cost $700+ a month unless someone cancels last minute and you catch a deal for $450. Even in a multiple room apartment 20 minutes from old town it was barely worth it.

Old town is so crammed with tourists it feels like Paris. Architecture is beautiful, alleyways charming, and the cafes are inviting. At night parties spill out of bars, alleyways clog with merry goers, and music echoes throughout town. This is the reason tourists visit Zadar along with the plethora of music festivals hosted on the surrounding islands.

As someone that visited Zadar to meet other nomads I had high hopes for the town. Upon finding the nomad village was closed and the cowork was for locals I felt sad. Zadar isn’t a nomad hotspot, it’s a quieter more affordable version of Split. I wasn’t alone though, others had made there way here and it was amongst them I made friends.

As beginning nomads they were testing the waters, which Croatia is great for. It’s a different culture with a high standard of living for a relatively affordable price. You’ll find organic grass fed beef, plenty of English speakers and Starbucks on multi land roads. While Zadar didn’t fulfill my novelty seeking needs these new nomads helped me see something. The destination is a canva. Meeting new people is what colors it in.

English Level: Excellent. It's a tourist destination and stopping point for plenty of cruise ships.


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