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Egypt Tourist Visa Extension - Hurghada Office

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

This guide will be most helpful for American and British tourists.



  • x2 photocopies of passport photo page (4 LE) + 1 scan if paying with card. (2 LE)

  • x1 photocopy of passport visa sticker page (2 LE)

  • x4 headshot photo (50 LE)

  • ~1,800 LE or its equivalent. This can be paid with cash or card, you will need a scan of the passport photo page of paying with card.

Headshots and photocopies can be done at and near the office.

Each photocopy page is 2 LE (bring cash)

The photographer on site will print 4 headshots and charge 50 LE (bring cash)

Use Careem to ride to the area. You'll be dropped off near the gate. Upon entering the gate there will be a guard checking bags, passports, and vaccine proof.

Upon entering the building there will be another guard checking bags, passports, and vaccine proof. There is also a metal detector. Once passed through the detector, the guard will print you a number and hand you an application.

Immediately inside there will be a person making photocopies near the stairwell. There is also a small bar everyone will be trying to fill their applications out at.

If the counters are not close to calling your number. Exit the building and go to the shops in the back corner for your headshots. The photographer's office is very small but it's obviously a photo booth. While waiting for the prints, begin filling out the application. You will receive 4 headshots and be asked for 50 LE.

With your headshots and partially filled application return to the passport building. Go through security again, unless the guard waves you through.

Go to the photocopier and ask for copies. The person making copies will most likely know how many copies you need based on your passport's origin. If they don't and you're American or British, request the amount mentioned at the beginning. The passport photocopies need to be of the top and bottom page. They can be in black and white. Each copy will be 2 LE.

With your photocopies, headshots, and application sit down in the waiting room. Begin filling our your application. Two questions you may need to look up will be your date of arrival and address of your accommodation.

Wait until your number is called, the intercom announces in English and it's easy to hear. The desk you go to will have your number above it.

This is where things can become interesting. The staff are professionals at this and can manage more than one person/group at a time. They're accustomed to people not knowing what to do and not having what is needed. It will be common for a person or group to come up to the counter you're at and begin speaking with the staff member. You in turn are expected to do the same upon returning after being sent to do something (request sign off by the officer).

Your Mileage May Very- this is where things diverge, your staff member may do things different. The one I spoke to wanted my proof of residence assuming I was getting the 1 year residence visa. He eventually understood I wanted the 6 month tourist extension. I came totally unprepared only meaning to ask questions to then come back another day. The staff member on the other hand wanted to complete everything then and there so walked me through what you've read.

As we progressed through the process I had my photo taken and hand imaged. No, this photo does not count as one of the headshots. You need the printed ones. After the photo he have me my application back and told me to have it signed off by the officer.

The officer has his own office in the back corner (left of the counters). Even if someone is there, you're welcome to go in and ask for a signature. I was waiting outside the door as someone was talking with the officer. The staff found me waiting and told me he was waiting on me so barged in and had the officer sign. Before doing so, the officer looked at me and asked how many months? I say "4" and the officer said "6", signed, and handed it to the staff member.

We retuned to the counter and finished paperwork. I was handed two pages and told to pay the 1710. I was directed to a booth across from the officer's office. I gave the paperwork to the new staff member and paid via card. This is where I gave the third photocopy of my passport. The receipt needed to be signed with a signature similar to what was on the passport. I was returned the paperwork with other things I do not recall and told to return.

Upon returning a different group was at the counter. I waited until they were finished then handed the new paid for paperwork back. The staff member filled out some remaining paperwork, confirmed my current address and finished things. He gave me two stapled together pages one with barcodes and another with stamps, both in Arabic.

I was told to return in 10 days to pickup my ID card. I needed to return to booth 11, no ticket number required. I was asked if I had questions and sent on my way.

In and out in 2 hours with no prior preparation.

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