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Remote Working in Bansko, Bulgaria ALL Coworks

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


  1. Coworking Bansko is community oriented

  2. Nestwork is work oriented

  3. Altspace is the middle between the two

Standard, it is to find three coworks in a city. Scarce it is to find three in a ski resort. Even rarer it is to find all three are of top quality. Despite its size and remoteness, Bansko has a surprising amount of both quantity and quality. And it's all thanks to Coworking Bansko (referred to as "Orange Coworking," in town). Its focus on community and interaction has made it into a lighthouse for digital nomads seeking an affordable alpine refuge. You've likely heard of Bansko because of Coworking Bansko. But, what you may not have heard is what coworking is like IN Bansko. The year is 2022. The articles and videos you've seen in the past are outdated. Bansko is growing fast. Now there's more than one office and more than one Cowork. Two others have stepped up, and they’re showing promise to surpass the bar that has been set.

Thanks to the town's natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, plenty of nomads have made Bansko their temporary home. Two Youtubers you may have heard of - JohnnyFD & Traveling with Kristin have been among them. These two and countless others made Orange Coworking their base, and now it's grown to three offices with more to come including a colive, blockchain timeshare, and 4th "dream" office. The focus on community has brought Orange coworking great success. The three separate offices fit a different niche, but all hold a focus on interacting with others. Large open tables with ergonomic seating fill the rooms to capacity. Each day, the vibe is different based on who is there and that includes you. Like joining a summer camp, it is what you make it. Want to make friends? It has the most opportunity to do that. Want to party with the bros? You bet. Want to focus on work? Yes, you can. But like a summer camp - would you join just for the arts and crafts?

If so, consider the newest cowork in town- Nestwork. Seeing the bar that was set, it focused on surpassing it. As a result, it has spotless, uncluttered work areas and a sleek design. The meeting rooms with their frosted glass windows and views of the town could fit in any fortune 500 office. Facing away from the town are floor-to-ceiling windows presenting the best view in the neighborhood. Situated just above the roofline, the entire office looks out on the inspiring Pirin mountains.

Focusing on design and productivity has meant missing out on the community aspect for now. Despite not being the place to chat, it has grown membership of its own. Everyone in town agrees when you need to get work done. Nestwork is the place to go.

With one focused entirely on community and the other on productivity. A gap needs bridging, and that's accomplished by Altpsace. Recognizing community benefits, it pinned that and built around it with a unique vision. The balance attracts those that seek a professional communal setting. It's filled with business owners building off one another. The groups are small, and outings are rare, but quality time in the office makes up for that. Split between two buildings, these homey spaces aren't hot with activity but aren’t cold either. It is, dare I say - just right.

Yes, that is my take. Like flipping a coin, it's not what side lands up that helps you decide, but the moment in mid-air when you realize what's right. I stayed in Bansko for one month and worked at all of the offices to write this for you. In reality, I knew which was for me after trialing the three. So when you arrive in Bansko, do so without expectation. Check out Coworking Bansko with its friendly faces. Nestwork with its sleek design. And Altspace, the middle between the two. Thanks to the quantity and quality, you'll find a perfect place for you.

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