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12 YouTubers Making Content For Digital Nomads

The search for creators that make quality content for digital nomads has ended (this list will give you them). Both Chris the Freelancer - & Traveling with Kristin - have posted Youtube videos this week. Kristin addresses the absence and lays out plans for the future. At the same time, Chris came in hot with a trip report on Sydney, Australia (making big bucks now). These two have inspired countless digital nomads. Their openness and desire to help the community were a breath of fresh air back then and still are today. It’s no wonder they’re the best Digital Nomad content creators.

Of course, I’m not just here to blow a trumpet. Here are 10 other Youtubers, in no order, currently making content for digital nomads (no, this post isn’t sponsored, nor do I have affiliation with any of them):

For those considering making a blog post of this - you're welcome to it. The more popular creators that make digital nomad content become, the more content for digital nomads will be made.


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