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x7 Cowork Reports - The Netherlands

Video Detailing Each Cowork -

Cafes are overrated. You can have the same thing at home, but cheaper. Same goes for coworks. For those that understand their value, they’re an essential part of travel. You can work from your Airbnb, but coworking offices provide better quality. In The Netherlands the quality of offices is high. But so are the price tags, so which one is the best value?

I started by checking out the most affordable option. This student focused office lured me in with a ~$125 a month package. The office is a but fraction of what’s provided with membership. Better thought of as a one stop shop for all things a traveler could need, it offers: laundry, coliving, games, cafe, and a gym. The cowork provides what you’d expect: comfortable chairs, sturdy tables, plenty of plug-ins and a productive atmosphere. The differentiators at TSH Collab Delft were the lack of blinds which meant too much sun came in and constantly playing pop music. At night, the common area transformed into a social atmosphere with college age folks playing foosball, watching tv, and chatting over beers. Unfortunately that $125 price tag meant no ergonomic chair and no 24/7 access. Having those and a few other perks would set you dback nearly $300 US dollars. So I kept looking.

It wasn’t hard to find the next one in Delft. Vakwerkhuise stands out as the best cowork I’ve ever been to. Built by an architecture firm for their architects to work at, it made me jealous I didn’t pick a different career path. Their designers knew the size of the office would be inspiring. But the firm is small so they decided to make it a cowork. As a result, the benefits of membership are outstanding. High end monitors are at every table, many of the tables are standing desks. Lunch was half off if you ate with everyone in the office. Every meal was delicious, healthy, and a great way to meet new people. Of course I signed up at the best cowork I’ve ever been to. The only downside is that I couldn’t spend more time there as it’s only open weekdays 8am to 8pm despite paying $290 for the month.

Sharing two coworks wouldn’t be good value, so I visited a few more for you. In The Hague there’s a place listed as an office space rental agency, but you haven’t seen one like this. Its beauty comes from the reuse of a historic building. The old design and corporate atmosphere somehow compliment each other. Like when something goes out of style then a new generation makes it cool again Spaces Hague Red Elephant did just that. The best parts are concentrated on the first floor with a cafe in its center and well lit coworking spaces on the perimeter. Coming in at nearly $320 dollars you get 24/7 access to a dedicated desk with one of the best views in The Hague. Downside here is that coffee isn’t free and conversations were business like. It’s near the International Criminal Court so the majority of renters work in the legal sphere.

Not to worry, The Hague Tech made up for the slow social scene. This large open floor plan with central eating area had the highest energy environment. Clearly inspired by Silicon Valley it did everything right including a communal lunch, a variety of ergonomic options and free monitors. During my trial day there was a small presentation where we all got free beer and could chat after. That night one of companies that rents a space had a celebration and they gave me cake :). The downside here was that desks were all positioned away from the windows. While this meant no screen glare it gave off 9 to 5 office vibes. To rent a space with 24/7 access meant about $280 a month (the website is outdated). The Hague Tech could fit in the Silicon Valley, but the Silicon Valley wishes it could fit in the next city.

Rotterdam is vibrant, and so well functioning just being there is inspiring. The coworks take it a step further… and a step back. Here’s where this hot shower of positivity gets put on pause. There’s a saying amongst travelers - “go where you’re wanted”. In Rotterdam I had the first experience of a cowork where I felt like trash. I should have known, when on their website, the answer to the the question “do you accept non tech/digital start ups?” was an indirectly written “No”. If that wasn’t enough, I even pushed past the 2nd red flag - no trial day. So I ended up spending $25 to use the free 5 Mbps download wi-fi (yes, I asked to use the paid one). I haven’t said anything derogatory about the place. I’m not risking a defamation case, but how 42 Workspace got that many reviews, I have no clue.

Should I have left that out? Probably. But that wouldn’t be fair to you. Thankfully I found a place in Rotterdam that does want you. Having been soured by the last experience I visited the next space with a more discerning eye. And was quickly sweetened by a return to the quality I now expect of The Netherlands. Startdock’s main differentiator is its $250 price tag for 24/7 access. Compared to the other beautiful coworks it still holds its own. With free beer, free coffee, and a small group that eats lunch together I know you’ll like being there. The second floor is a place to work or relax. It’s housed in a historic building that overlooks a well cared for green space and harbor. Sitting out on the 2nd floor patio was the relaxing space I needed. While the view was pleasant it can’t even compare to the next one I found.

Working with THE BEST VIEW in Amsterdam will cost you at minimum $220 for just weekday access. But if you’re renting a place close enough to use it, I’m sure that’s cheap for you. My only visit to Amsterdam was to trial A’DAM& and I’m happy I did. It came with free coffee, the best view of the city, and an unforgettable sunset. A’DAM Tower is a newly renovated building on the north bank of the river. The ferry to it is free, but for tourists that want the same view it’s $17 to enter the observation deck. Trialing the cowork is free with an appointment. Even if you’re just there to visit, this loophole is a good secret. As for working there it was a pleasure. All the seats were comfortable with an outstanding view. Social life is literally and metaphorically upper class with free beer on Fridays at the upper floor’s exclusive club. While I wish there were standing desks, monitors, and more phone booths the view made up for that.

If I had to pick between the best view and best ever, my question would be which one can I afford to be closer to? For this reason I trialed ones you’ll likely be near. The town of Delft was my choice as it had the most affordable Airbnb at $600 for the month. It was for a single bed in a closet sized room, but feeling like Harry Potter added to the magic of The Netherlands. As magic is the only way I can explain a place being so well functioning. For those looking to stay in the country side and commute in- you’ll find that’s still a good value.

Here are the juicy details in the order whidch they were described:

130Mbps Download | 146Mbps Upload

Good for video calls with plenty of acoustic spaces.

53Mbps Download | 51Mbps Upload

Good for video calls with plenty of acoustic spaces.

Spaces Hague Red Elephant -

78Mbps Download | 70Mbps Upload

Good for video calls with plenty of acoustic spaces.

38Mbps Download | 96Mbps Upload

Average for video calls. Ratio of phone booths to people was low.

5Mbps Download | 5Mbps Upload

No comment.

90Mbps Download | 40Mbps Upload

Good for video calls. Ratio of phone booths to people was high.

108Mbps Download | 61Mbps Upload

Average for video calls. Ratio of phone booths to people was low.


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