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Remote Working in Rouen France (Top Coworks)

Rouen is an affordable hub from which to explore northern France. The cheapest cowork is €160 for a month, without VAT. It and others are priced this low to get you in the door. As a result, the chairs are subpar in hopes you eventually upgrade. Despite this, they're still good places to consider a base.

The highest rated and most popular is NOW Coworking. It holds plenty of events, has a large database of members to connect with, and is the one I used during my time. It’s also the only cowork I’ve seen with a theater room. For those looking to mark a place on your map, this is the one.

A concept I foresee becoming more popular are “time cafes” which are exactly as they sound. A cafe where you pay for time then get free coffee and snacks. This is what L’Usine is doing, and successfully at that. Something never before seen on my nomadic journey are two hotels that list their lobbies as coworks (Wojo & Mywo). Similar in quality to the flex desk spaces of the stereotypical coworks, they're surprises I like seeing.

The three other coworks are la Maison bleue, le Studio Gros Horloge, and Hall 24. These are what you expect, no more, no less. Amongst them I like la Maison bleue as it’s an independent office with plenty of character. If you’re living south of the river and like a more quiet environment Hall 24 is for you.

The amount of coworks for such a small city shows Rouen is growing amongst the remote worker community. Many digital nomads will prefer to stay in Paris, but for those that want to take things at a calmer pace, Rouen is the perfect place.


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