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Bansko - A Short Story

An alpine retreat to relax you and your wallet. Bansko sits on the slope of Mt. Pirin in a small valley bordered by Mt. Rila. These sisters harbor you with a feeling of seclusion. Living in this treasure trove of Bulgarian revival-style houses, it’s easy to see why so many nomads include it as part of their rotation.

The town experiences its own yearly transformation. One of people, not just colorful seasons. Adventure minded tourists flock to Bansko for its long slick slopes. Like a wave, people rise up the mountain. Resorts open all the doors, clubs turn on the lights, and the top of town takes center stage. But as the snow melts so does business.

Then smaller, more exciting things appear. Waterfalls start to flow as do the hiking trails to them. Coworks become abuzz with activity thanks to events like Bansko Nomadfest. And most important of all, prices for accommodation drop by nearly 50%. Which the town follows suit keeping only the bottom half occupied.

You’ll find plenty of recreational and social activity, regardless of when you visit. Considered by some Bulgarians as a poor village not worth the hype, it has a calling of its own. So I say to them - The grass may not always be green in Bansko, but when it isn’t, you’re there for the snow.

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