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Top 4 Online Digital Nomad Communities

Nomadsphere is the most community oriented. It's a slack group you have to apply and be approved to join. It's very active and the best place to chat with other nomads. Since everyone already knows the ropes, questions are at a minimum.

Reddit is the largest, but better thought of as a database rather than a community. For those unfamiliar (and on desktop) you see "r/digitalnomad" in the left of the search bar. That means whatever's searched stays in the sub. Great for pulling info. I say it's not much of a community because the anonymity/transience of members leaves connection hard to establish (a reoccurring theme amongst nomads).

Facebook is next, but you need to join specific groups. The local ones are best for meetups and local questions. The large global ones are interesting. Some are just unfiltered spam points. Others are genuine places people connect. I rank them as follows:

  1. "Digital Nomads Around the World" (no period)

  2. "Digital Nomad Hub"

  3. "Digital Nomads - Jobs - Lifestyle - Travel"

  4. "Digital Nomads" (fallen recently since the owner has turned to pitching get rich quick schemes)

  5. "Digital Nomads Around the World." (with a period) - Spam group, no mod.

  6. "Nomadbase - The Digital Nomad Community" - Advertisement group, pretty quiet.

Nomadlist, kind of? The slack/discord is more for questions and the community can be... less than inclusive. The only positive are the meetups, but you need to already be in a nomad dense location to benefit from them.

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